About Jeremiah

Jeremiah Weekley has a passion for excellence and for connecting with people to help them unlock their potential, be it inside his companies or elsewhere. His faith and belief in the untapped potential that resides in all of us drives him to connect, network, and assist others in their endeavors and goals.

Jeremiah has a firm foundation in the steel fabrication and manufacturing industry and believes that North America is in the midst of a manufacturing technology and innovation renaissance that will lead us to close the gap and surpass other regions of the world. He believes the time is now to better educate the benefits of existing and available technology and take the lead in developing and implementing new solutions and technologies to our fabricating and manufacturing methods.

Having been mentored and educated by some of the best and most dynamic entrepreneurs and minds, Jeremiah understands that limitations are usually due to what we don’t know and are afraid to explore. This leads him and his organizations to achieve results and accomplish goals that average companies still consider impossible or not feasible.​

Jeremiah at the Warcom factory