Who We’re Not

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Although it is certainly important for a company to have a secure identity, to know who it is, it is equally important for a company to know who it is not. Fabricating Solutions & Technologies, an IMCAR company, refuses to be just another catalog provider of equipment in an already crowded market. We refuse to sell based on gimmicks and dependent on slick marketing backed by no substance.

Fortunately for us, we don’t have to do these things. As an IMCAR company, we have the track record of established success and continuity dating back to IMCAR’s inception in 1955. Since this time IMCAR products have been the backbone of steel fabricating and manufacturing facilities all over the world. Few companies can boast of the track record of success and quality demonstrated by IMCAR.

In a time in our industry where gimmicks and misinformation reign supreme, we refuse to succumb. For FST, it’s easy to be proud of our parent company and its clear commitment to building the highest quality equipment in the world, while refusing compromise to cater to a price-driven environment. IMCAR knows that being a seller on price alone on the front side renders it impossible to manufacture the strongest, highest quality equipment available for the long term. Although we strive to offer competitively priced equipment, we focus even harder on ensuring your investment in IMCAR products has a long term impact on your bottom line and not a simple front line savings at the point of purchase.

In our current hyper-competitive environment, we see our competitors and their distributors offering products they are seemingly ashamed of. Why else would one display American flags with phrases like ‘designed in the USA’, ‘engineered in America’, or drape a foreign machine in an American flag vinyl cover? This is not only embarrassing to the representing company, it’s an insult to the customer. Why sell or represent equipment you can’t be honest about and proud to offer? Some even go so far as to buy leads from competitors. Should solid companies have to openly bribe potential customers?

At FST, our focus is on partnering with our current and future clients to ensure they understand they’re investing in the highest quality equipment, but just as importantly they’re investing in a partnership with Fabrication Solutions & Technologies, an IMCAR company. We’re by their side and committed to ensuring that we deliver on our promise. We’re more than just emails, fancy ads, giant corporate machines, and misleading marketing. We’re here for the long haul in an industry that is our lifeblood, to ensure that IMCAR equipment is a key element in the continued success of our clients.

We don’t just want to sell you equipment. We seek to know you, your company, and your application to ensure you have the exact machine for your specific need. We also want to ensure that in this process you come to know FST and IMCAR, understand our history, and know that since 1955 IMCAR has been manufacturing the best industrial grade plate rolls, presses, and fabricating equipment in the world. Sure, it’s easy for us to make these claims, but our claims can be backed up and verified by customers the world over. Hundreds of these customers reside right here in North America. See our testimonials page to understand firsthand how our customers feel about IMCAR.

Call, email, or request a visit from FST today. Proudly an IMCAR company and representing the IMCAR product line for all of North America, designed and manufactured in Northern Italy and trusted by clients all over the world, since 1955.