An Intro to FST

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Fabrication Solutions & Technologies, an IMCAR company, was officially launched on January 1st of this year, 2016. Having been in the business of manufacturing bending and rolling technology since 1955, IMCAR is hardly a new name or presence, having served and provided for thousands of satisfied clients the world over. But how does this translate to the North American market?

The short answer would be that IMCAR isn’t new to this market either. With over 30 years and nearly 500 shops depending on IMCAR plate rolling equipment, Vertical Systems for Tank Production™, automated systems for rolling and welding, or other various pieces of IMCAR equipment, this is a market IMCAR is well versed and established in providing for. But previously, you may not have known it was IMCAR as products were represented and sold through a distributor.

The focus of IMCAR’s direct representation is to build on and deepen our client relationships built over a successful 30-year history in the North American market. We value our clients and future clients. FST is IMCAR’s investment to more directly serve and provide its high quality, robust, innovative product lines to steel fabricators and manufacturers all over North America and the world.

FST and IMCAR are here not simply to sell equipment but to partner with the right clients in providing for their specific rolling, bending and welding equipment needs. We value relationship above all and want to ensure that nothing about our company is carried out in a catalog, website, or mail order fashion. We seek to know our customer, understand their business and provide for their specific needs to ensure maximum efficiency, the highest quality, and minimum downtime.

We believe that even in today’s fast-paced economy, where the price is often the first question, that there are still those who long for business done right. For business done with those they trust and can rely on. Companies who still manufacture to the highest standards to ensure your investment yields long term profits and not simply a short term gain.

We are Fabrication Solutions & Technologies and we are IMCAR